culturally acceptable hoarding time

welcome to my page for archiving my numerous collections.
this page will be mostly text based but for any outstanding specimens, photos will be included :]

due to the nature of collections, this page is eternally under construction, but i hope you like it nonetheless.


under construction.

i plan to start comparing the books in my collection vs the ones that i have actually read.
perhaps a little public shame will get me to read when clearly nothing else will..

religious items

at some point ill post photos of everything listed here.
  • book on meher baba
  • jw comic book
  • two vials of holy oil from the russian orthodox church
  • dooms day pamphlet from the final crisis
  • nostradamus prophecies dvd
  • untied church of god flyer
  • bible from the gideons
  • the bhagavad gita
  • nigerian evangelical magazine
  • anti vaxx pamphlet by clive palmer
  • falun gong pamphlet
  • the vendata trieatise [with photos of parthasarathy!!]
  • hercolubus or red planet - v.m. rabolu
  • advice magazines from the ucg
  • international lds training video

also im so aware of how badWeird my interest in NRMs and 'cults' is.
it just feeds this horrible white man sociologist part of my brain. incidentally i Do have ocd so thats also probably to blame. maybe.


eventually ill type them all up, until then check out my list on letterboxd.


this is always a wip as i Always am buying and receiving CDs as gifts.
  • alan silvestri - van helsing soundtrack [2004]
  • britney spears - ...baby one more time [1999]
  • death cab for cutie - plans [2005]
  • deep purple - soldier of fortune/the greatest hits [1994]
  • enya - a day without rain [2000]
  • evanescence - fallen [2003]
  • franz ferdinand - self titled [2004]
  • mariah carey - mtv unplugged [1992]
  • missy elliot - lose control [2005]
  • my chemical romance - the black parade/living with ghosts [2016]
  • nao - for all we know [2015]
  • rhapsody - cowboy lover [1992]
  • smash mouth - all star [1999]
  • spearhead- home [1994]
  • the platters - 20 golden greats [2004]
  • tina turner - what's love go to do with it [1993]
  • veda hile - spine [1994]