the purpose of this space is always changing, as is the actual contents.
for the most part my site is for archiving my collections while also inserting my commie leanings into everything. [joking] yuo see, my personal is wayy more political than yours.

archive of previous page formats:

thee original layout. lovingly ripped from a tumblr page theme lol.


rip sweet prince. you lasted a total of 45 days.


this one lasted a While until i got sick of it lol..

a dithered 2000s era style graphic containing a still from the movie blair witch project. formerly, white seriff text in the upper foreground of the image said 'oh my god! im sorry i made this horrible webpage!' the word horrible has been formatted into red text. as a result of the dithering however, all the text has been made illegible


mora is a gaybi faggoty king of the junjle type of werevamp kinnie who is in love with its boyfriend.
take the otherkin shit as seriously or as silly as youd like.

click here to read an extended information page.

i actually made a very barebones javacript mockup of the text adventure segment in sam & max save the world: episode 5 - reality 1.5 :3
heres a link to it! and this is a link to the twine edition.

tldr bio:

  • mirror pronouns.
  • 2001 born snake.
  • ml|m communist.
  • vietnamese + yt.
  • also go by xương


a transparent photo of the love ball from pokemon.

for the past year and a half ive been lucky enough to love my dearest sweetheart yvie.

idk what id be or do without its loving kindess and all the wonderful memories ive made with her. heres to a lifetime of being privileged enough to know her love and adoring her with all my heart.

every night and moment apart i find myself mentally writing yet another verbose love letter only to forget my words when i see it again.