basic info

a doll avatar from the online dress-up game everskies. the doll has lightly tanned fair skin, bat ears and a black brown tail. it is wearing thin wire-rimmed glasses and its face has been lightly blood spattered. its clothes are reminicent of 2000s mall goth fashion with a slight avant minimalist twist. the doll is holding a plain black cotton tote bag in its left hand. howver, the image has also been dittheres so much of these details is indistinguishable for those without a screen reader.

name: mora Or xuong

mfg date: 2001

sex: only if you ask nicely

zodiac: metal snake

lang: eng fluent + viet/norsk speaking

sim traits: bookworm, hopeless romantic, loner, dog lover And childish.

stuff i like: DnB, hardcore, avant pop, metal and idm. speculative horror and creative nonfiction. batman 2022, the thing 1982, the wailing 2016, the wolf house 2018 + house md, serial experiments lain & cunk on earth. sam & max, skyrim, the sims 2&3, vampire the masquerade, the cat lady series and more.


heres the short version:
genderfuck puppycolt manthing whos gender is communist [ml].

in terms of quote unquote Actual material transsexuality and stuff, im pre op but im on T :]
one day i would like to pursue abdomninal phalloplasty. but thats only happening if i win the lotto or some shit yknow.

my pronouns page is here if you like that sorta thing.

click here to skip my rambling on gender.

click here to read it.

ofc all of this could be bullshit and im just some agnder dog with the double whammy combo of pdid and bpd that makes me experience a constantly shifting identity,


every white theyfab with a million anime kinnies owes me $100 per kin.

my favourite alterhumanity blogger shadow has written some good stuff on alterhumanity if youd care to read it :]
an animated drawing of a faery ring, with the words 'play with faeries' slowly flashing on the screen slowly one at a time.

click here for the most autistic rant on earth possibly

using very general grouping and summarising all my past childhood therianthrope and fictionkin moments, im just kind of a vampiric canine (dog really [a münsterländer to be even more specific]) and bat, with a strong link to death or resurrection.

using the kinnie vernacular im most familiar with, my IDs are puppies of varying species and breeds.
i kin dogs and animals with polycephaly, while also being vampirehearted.
im like a werewolf/vampire/revenant hybrid mix. king of the junjle but still social and with it and ferocious.

as i explore my own self concept (both like in the subculturally acceptable kinnie/therian way and in the chronic schizophreniform way), ive also come to the realisation that while i really enjoy being seen as a pup/dog/canine in general. im also not really those things. another way i view myself is as a pony [pegasus] that does pup play.
maybe its the trauma talking but i feel in my heart of hearts that im like this chimeric eldritch monster masquerading as a beloved pet to earn love that i otherwise wouldnt get. and im ok with that. self domestication is pretty fun.

if asked to determine the difference between my dogkin bullshit and kink stuff, i couldnt tell you where it began and ended to tell you the truth. but the fact that its also occasionally a sex thing doesnt devalue my experiences and self-concept.

this is a link to a really good zine made by and for therian/otherkin/etc

for those fond of older otherkin internet culture, my furry code and dragon code are as follows, respectively.

FCMw5ac~Ch5ac C- H- P+++ T++ Sm!~p! cmn++ f h*>++ p DC2.Du/DC2.Dl G~(mn) L--/L- Pfw'vh+ Sks,wl Cbk% Bfl/sm Av--- Nu Mr++ R+++/! U* I---#

heres a link to decode them. or in the very least, the furry code


a screenshot from a dragon ball z rpg or some other game. in all honesty its been so long i dont remember at all where i found this and reverse image search is bare. sorry. idk the context for ths image at all. anyways.. it says 'GOKU: youre transgender?! that must mean youre really strong!'

i mostly use the name mora out of an old yet strong devotion to hermaeus mora but theres other names im fond of too. ask if you wanna know.
while i generally prefer no pronouns, i Do have my favourites that you can use if you feel like it.

click here to read about them..

im hae/haem in a boy thats a girl thats a male vkei bassist way, and it/that thing in a dog thats got a prissy owner you dont wanna offend by calling it by the wrong pronouns but ultimately couldnt give a shit about lol.
if you dont mind the tedium that comes with it, im also generally quite happy to have the same pronouns as whoever im with. mirrored pronouns theyre called.

being an abg and a manpuppy concurrently is my thing rn. as in androgyne but between the poles of trans masc girl and cis man.
also have a slightly complicated relationship with being a doublecrossdresser or trans/homovestite bc culturally, western conventions of crossdressing and things of that ilk, are very different from what i grew up with, as well as whats the norm for my cultures. and while my identity and expression existed pre-colonialism, now i suffer [dharmic interpretation] transsexualism.
click here for ungrounded annoying commie tumblrina thoughts on my gender

gender/sex/gendersex and everything to do with it has me fighting for my fucking life at the best of times bc while im no crude reductionist cunt, being an idealist essentialist is also like the total opposite of what im trying to do, even if its only on the grounds of one [1] individual identity.
this whole thing is about to get all no investigation no right to speak so if you dont fuck with that, feel free to click away..

i find the fossilogender label quite relevant so go ahead and take a looksies at that if you wish as it informs the rest of my deranged rant in this read more.
but yeah. until i watched The Thing 1982, everything was fine. i had no clue as to the crisis that was yet to unfold in the sub/unconcious of my mind. it was like a dead ringer transliteration of my selfconcept and immediately became my one of my favourite films and something i refused to think about for more than 5 minutes.

"man is the warmest place to hide" is the most succinct understanding of my gender and the socio-historical conditions that lead up to it. i too am a undeterminably possible terrestial mandogthing creature.

also its quite embarassing all things considered but im very much stuck on the premise of eldritch-ness as a trait of my being. its a poor literary device thats inspired many mediocre book, games and movies but im still a be-tentacled cosmic horror of non euclidean shape/s.
a peak annoying wasian moment.